Our Story

Boaters and outdoors people dream about owning a wilderness lodge; a place to share and experience nature and its majesty. Watching friends and family immerse themselves in river trips is magical and has inspired us to purchase Half Moon Bar Lodge.

We are a team of 4 owners, supported by our incredible families and friends. The outpouring of support and offers to help have been amazing.

Mike is an owner and manager. A lifetime of self employment, travel and river experience have uniquely qualified him to be the on property manager.

Cecilia is an owner and manages our brand. She has a global view that helps us be an authentic fishing lodge coupled with luxury amenities.

Ben is an owner and giggles a lot. His optimism and overwhelming confidence in the rest of us raises the bar on what we think we can achieve.

Jen is an owner and makes Ben giggle. She is the quiet one and keeps us on track. Her level of detail is extraordinary, almost super human.

We own and manage Half Moon Bar Lodge with humility and a great respect for those who have gone before us. It is an honor to be tasked with the stewardship of this incredible property. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

We stumbled upon this place on October 2018 and completed the purchase in January 2019.

Anything is truly possible!