Frequently Asked Questions

Lets talk about expectations. We are far away from delivery trucks and the electrical grid. All of our supplies come by boat. Our power is generated on site, our laundry is here, our kitchen is here. That does not mean we are primitive.

Meals are served family style and the portions are generous. The menu is more hearty with perfectly cooked protein and generous amounts of vegetables. Soft beverages are always free and we have a nice selection of cocktails and wine available for purchase.

All accommodations have new mattresses wrapped in soft, clean and stylish bedding. Towels and pillows are fluffy and beautiful and perfect (if you are into that!). We have really nice toiletries because we want you to smell good. Sorry lumberjacks and kids.

We do have wifi, that is how we know you are coming, silly! However, it is super limited, you might be able to send a text or email, but its slower than a constipated mule. So don't.

We have a beautiful fire pit outside for chilly evenings and a big fireplace inside. The stars are absolutely unforgettable from our runway. Bring your binoculars or borrow ours.

What if I have a medical emergency?

We have a simple first aid kit on the property, and you are welcome to self administer first aid. If first aid is not sufficient we will call a helicopter for you that can provide emergency transport. This expense is your liability.

Who did I just talk to on the phone?

Probably Eduardo, he is in Seattle and is almost always available for questions and reservation assistance.

Can I call you at the lodge?

Please try. We have limited satellite wifi. That is how we access phone service which is limited. Text works much better but is not reliable.

Where do I park my boat?

We have a dock for loading and unloading only. We will transport your personal bags up by tram. After unloading and being helpful and considerate to others, please move your raft or drift boat below the rock for parking.

What is the weather like right now at Half Moon Bar Lodge?

Weather in Agness, OR

Are meals included with lodging? Dietary Restrictions.

Dinner and Breakfast included in rate. Lunch is provided if you are staying over or jet boating in. If you are super picky, bring your own but there are no public cooking facilities anywhere on the property. We will work with you after we have served the non picky people.

Can I bring Food?

Other than trail snacks or special diet needs, we ask guests to refrain from bringing food to the lodge as it can quickly attract wildlife. Cooking and cooking fires are expressly prohibited anywhere on the property due to fire hazard.


The Lodge has a full bar featuring specialty cocktails, a wine cellar emphasizing regional offerings from Oregon, and great local beers on tap.

How do I arrange for a tour?

If you happen to be in the neighborhood stop by.

How do I check-in? Do you have a front desk?

Walk up the stairs and let us know you are here. We will bring your bags up from the dock and deliver them to your room. We have designed a welcome experience that is part of the adventure.

Pet Policy

No pets. We love dogs, especially river dogs. However dogs disturb wildlife and that is a core part of your experience. This is the hardest rule to make.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 30-days or more prior to your date of stay will result in a $50.00 per person handling charge. Cancellations made 30-days or less prior to your date of stay will result in the forfeiture of total reservation charge, including NO SHOWS.

Smoking Policy

No Smoking on the property.

Noise ordinances

There is a 10:00pm noise ordinance for amplified sound.

Do you have wireless Internet?

Extremely limited, Please look forward to being “unplugged”!

Do you have cell phone access?

There is no cell phone coverage.

Do you accept credit cards?

Not reliably, bring cash for the bar and gift shop. We accept all major credit cards for your reservation.

Do you have television reception?

Nope, no technology.

Is Half Moon Lodge open year round?

We will be open in May 2020 for the full season, through October.

What kind of events do you have at the Lodge?

Weddings, Conferences, Elopements, Family Reunions, Getaways, Team Buildings, Retreats, Skill-Building ie. Blacksmith, Art, Wilderness therapy. We have private, invitation only events and welcome your early inquiry.

Are there laundry facilities at the Lodge?

We have amazing commercial laundry machines. If you have a fashion emergency we can help.

Do you have BBQ’s for our use?

No, but our team can work with you on grilling that fish you caught.

Can we come in earlier than the standard 3:00 PM check-in time?

Jet boat passengers usually arrive late morning. We expect rafters and fisherman to arrive between 3 and 6. Please let us know if you need other arrangements.

Do you have a Lost & Found? How can I get my item back?

We try. If something goes missing let us know before you leave. Once you have left we will do our best to return your item and will provide a price for you of the return expense. If you lose your passport, and need it immediately, we will advise you of a company that will send a helicopter, at your expense.